Ellie, Abbie & Megan photos received April 2006

Hi Thelma,

What a very busy competition the European Championships was!!!

In Ellie's solo heat there were over 160 dancers and only 5 called back. Ellie didn't get through but came 7th in pairs dancing in under 12, she should be in in under 10 but her partner is 18 months older than her.

Abbie came second in her solo, there were only 9 in it but all were very good dancers!!

Ellies costume looked absolutely stunning! I am so very pleased with it!! Have included some pictures for you.

Both girls dance freestyle dance, including solo, pairs, trios, slow and team. Abbie only does solo and pairs.

The picture of Ellie in the yellow dress you made was taken at the 21st Camber Sands British Masters Freestyle Festival a competition run by Len Goodman from the BBC Strictly Come Dancing. Ellie had just been nominated first place in slow out of 49 dancers!

If you would like any more info on the girls let me know. Will be back to you soon, as we would like a slow dress made for Abbie.

Many thanks again for another stunning outfit!

Teresa, Ellie and Abbie xxx