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photos received 10th August 2004

Swan Lake - Act II

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Dear Thelma

I just wanted to let you know that our performance on Saturday, 24th July was a tremendous success. I attach a photo of the corps in Swan Lake and you will see how lovely your tutus looked. If you want to use it for publicity you are more than welcome but we would appreciate an acknowledgement to William Potter. I also attach a backstage shot showing the Cygnets which was taken by one of the dancers.

I didn't produce a large programme this time, just one A4 sheet double sided but attach it here for your info as we did include an acknowledgement to you.

Kind regards


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Chelsea Ballet
Queen Charlotte Hall, Parkshot, Richmond Saturday, 24th July @ 2.30 & 7.30

Music: Tchaikovsky Choreography: After Petipa and Ivanov

Benno is looking for Siegfried in a clearing by the lakeside where the evil magician, Von Rothbart, lurks in the shadows. Siegfried arrives just as a flock of swans flies in to settle. He hides as one of the swans transforms into a beautiful maiden, the Swan Queen Odette. Frightened, she tells him that she and her companions are victims of Von Rothbart, who has cast a spell over them, making them swans by day. Only at night by the enchanted lake, a lake of tears shed by Odette's mother, can they return to human form. The spell can be broken only if one who has never loved before swears to love Odette forever. Von Rothbart appears but Odette prevents Siegfried from shooting him - if he dies, the spell can never be broken.

The swan maidens appear and surround Benno. He goes to fire, but Siegfried arrives in time to stop them. Odette begs that the swan maidens should not be harmed and Benno departs, leaving Siegfried alone with Odette and the maidens.

Odette and Siegfried express their love for each other. As dawn approaches he tries to hold on to her, but the power of the spell draws her and the maidens become swans again.

We are grateful to Justine Berri for stepping as Odette at fairly short notice. Laura Smith was originally to dance the role but was taken into hospital with appendicitis.

Odette, Queen of the Swans: Justine Berri Prince Siegfried: Ross Barker-Chesterton
Von Rothbart: Anthony Latham Benno: Paul Downing
Lead Swans: Akiko Matsumoto, Reiko Mori Cygnets: Katrina Smith, Kimi Kohsaka, Kimiko Ninomiya, Noriko Honda
Swans: Becky Bryan, Claire Downing, Jasmine Farsarakis, Lara Eschler, Sharon Vit, Shu Yongjian

Interval - 15 Minutes


Pas des Déesses
Music: Donizetti Choreography: Thelma Litster
Fanny Cerrito: Frances Swan Lucille Grahn: Noriko Honda
Marie Taglioni: Kimiko Ninomiya Arthur Saint-Léon: Roy Morton
Original production 23rd July 1846 at Her Majesty's Theatre, London.
It was in this ballet that Marie Taglioni gave her farewell performance on 21st August 1847.

Russian Court Dance
Music: Tchaikovsky Choreography: Traditional
Dorothy Chandler

Peasant Pas de Deux from Giselle Act I
Music: Adolphe Adam Choreography: After Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot
Jane Thornhill and Edsel Tham
Becky Bryan - Lara Eschler - Laura Thompson - Rebecca George
Sally Vaughan - Sharon Vit

Papillon Pas de Deux
Music: Offenbach Choreography: After Pierre Lacotte
Frances Swan - Anthony Latham

Pas de Valse
Music: Glinka Choreography: Thelma Litster
Dorothy Chandler - Rebecca George - Sally Vaughan

Pas de Quatre
Music: Pugni Originally staged for Chelsea Ballet by Thelma Litster
Marie Taglioni Cassandra Jacobs Lucille Grahn Siân Davies
Carlotta Grisi Louise Hudson Fanny Cerrito Helen Day

Original production 12th July 1845 at Her Majesty's Theatre, London.

Waltz Ballerinas
Music: J Fucik Choreography: Thelma Litster
Ballerina - Jane Thornhill Premier Danseur - Edsel Tham
Soloists - Akiko Matsumoto and Reiko Mori
Coryphées - Claire Downing - Jasmine Farsarakis - Katrina Smith - Kimi Kohsaka

Interval - 15 Minutes

Music: Adolphe Adam Choreography: After Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot

Hilarion keeps vigil by Giselle's grave, which lies deep in the forest in unconsecrated ground. It is midnight, the time when the Wilis appear. Hilarion flees in terror when confronted by these apparitions.

Myrthe, their queen, now arrives from the marshes and summons her Wilis. She draws Giselle from her grave to be initiated into their rites. The Wilis disperse as Albrecht approaches, searching for Giselle's grave. He lays flowers at the cross and when Giselle's spirit appears to him he follows it into the forest.

Hilarion, pursued by the Wilis, returns and is forced into an endless dance. Exhausted, he is driven into the lake, where he drowns. The Wilis now seek out Albrecht, and when Myrthe commands him to dance Giselle urges him to the safety of the cross; but he is powerless when Myrthe orders Giselle to entice him away by dancing with him. Giselle tries to sustain him, but as the night wears on he becomes weaker and weaker. Just as he is about to die, dawn breaks. Daylight destroys the Wilis' power and the ghostly dancers fade away. Giselle, whose love has transcended death, returns to her grave, her spirit freed from the power of the Wilis, leaving Albrecht sorrowing and alone.

Giselle: Louise Hudson Albrecht: Lucas Lundgren
Hilarion: Roy Morton Myrthe, Queen of the Wilis: Siân Davies
Moyna: Cassandra Jacobs Zulme: Frances Swan
Wilis: Akiko Matsumoto, Claire Downing, Katrina Smith, Kimi Kohsaka, Kimiko Ninomiya, Noriko Honda, Reiko Mori, Shu Yongjian

Costumes, backcloths and lighting
The majority of the costumes at these performances have been designed and made by Thelma Litster, Cassandra Jacobs, Dorothy Chandler and Anthony Latham. The tutus in Swan Lake and Giselle are from Wear Moi International Ltd & Aurora Dancewear with decorations by Cassandra Jacobs. The lighting was designed by Barry Hudson. The backcloths were designed and made by former Chelsea Ballet dancer, Kate Miles. The crossbows and gravestone were made by Barry Hudson and painted by Claire Downing. The headdresses for Swan Lake were made by Hilary Barbe.

Future performances
'The Nutcracker' - Saturday, 18th December @ 2.30 & 7.30 / Sunday, 19th December @ 2.30
'Swan Lake' - December 2005

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